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Welcome to Body-Evolution-Massage. We provide personalized, therapeutic massage and bodywork. We want to make a positive experience with each guest to fulfill their personal needs. Our goal is not only focused on bringing relaxation and serenity to our guest, but also working on those sore muscles and working deep in those areas that need it the most. Massage therapy helps you to relax, rejuvenate and heal tensions of everyday life.


Our mission is to focus on the client needs, a massage to relax the body and mind or to treat an specific issue. To assist and teach the client on how the body operates as a whole on every level of Body, Mind and Spirit.

About Paola

 My name is Paola Guerra and I am the founder of Body-Evolution-Massage. I started working in the restaurant industry when I moved to the US. I was working for about 15 years when I decided I wanted a change in my life, so I looked into massage school. The second I was being interviewed I realized this is the field for me. Once I started working at a spa I was determined to do more for my clients and started my own company. 

Massage benefits

  • Helps with muscle relaxation and improves general health and circulation
  • Relieves arthritis pain, speeds healing, treats headache and stress
  • Reduces anxiety, lowers blood pressure and facilitates better sleep
  • Relieves chronic neck pain, manages lower back pain
  • Reduces symptoms of depression and aids in rejuvenation

Our techniques

There is a type of massage for each individual and for different reasons, here is a list and a description of the type of massage we offer:

  • Swedish massage: It's a light pressure massage, the main goal is to relax the entire body, ease fatigue using hands and palms with long connective strokes. Also increase the level of oxygen in the blood and release muscle toxins.
  • Deep tissue massage: It's a firm pressure massage and the goal is to release chronic muscle tension and fascial adhesion as a result of poor posture, injury or chronic/acute inflammation.
  • Sport massage: It's a deep tissue massage in combination with stretches to prevent injuries, accelerate the recuperation of the muscles and reduces tension and pain post workout. Promotes flexibility,reduces fatigue and improves endurance.
  • Prenatal massage : Reduce stress, improve circulation and general body tone, relieves mental and physical fatigue on pregnant women.
  • Sleep massage: It help you to sleep better and treat insomnia. It's a mix of reflexology, scalp,neck and face massage .The goal is a better quality sleep.
  • Couple massage: Is offered by side by side table by two therapist who work in each individual at the same time.

Residential Massage

Hotel Massage

On Site Massage

We will bring the massage to you to save time and relax in your own house. This offer also includes couples massage. (price per person)

 60 min- $120 
75 min- $140

90 min- $160
120 min- $220

If you are in a business trip or a vacation and don't feel like going to the spa, don't worry our licensed massage therapist will come to your hotel.

60 min-   $120
75 min-    $140
90 min-    $160
120 min-  $220

A massage at my downtown location.

30 min- $50

60 min- $100
90 min- $145


Our prices are designed with you in mind, but we are happy to match another reasonable offer. We request 24 hours notice for changes or rescheduling. Within 24 hours, the full fee is charged. Please contact us with any questions or scheduling requests. We also offer gift card services.